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What are "Credentials"?

For those who have the call of God on their lives for ministry, credentials are the professional ministerial recognition from a verifying and authorizing organization.  Ministries United International is one of those authorizing organizations that help support and approves ministers through which there is accountability. Ministries United Intl. Credentials provide that essential “card carrying” membership that can be presented to a Hospital, our government, and the public.  Ministries United Credentials are highly regarded achievement as a “stamp of approval” that recognizes those devoted to the performance of all ordinances and ceremonies of the church, in accordance with applicable federal or state laws.  For many states, credentials are required to perform weddings and other ceremonial services.  Credentials provide education verification, accomplished real life experience and service level in ministry.

  What are the Application Requirements?

1. Have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. 

2. Accept the Bible written as your guide for living.

3. Review and agree with Ministries United Statement of Faith  (Click Here)

4. Review and agree with Ministries United Code of Conduct  (Click Here) 

5. Commit to a life of spiritual growth and service of helping others. 

6. Be faithfully and support Ministries United International in your annual dues and tithe.

7. Complete the application process online for your desired endorsement category.

8. Receive Approval from Ministries United Missions Committee.

9. Ministries United Member in good standing.
  Starting the Application Process: 

Follow the steps below in starting the process of receiving your Credentials through Ministries United International. Whether you are called to serve as an evangelist, at a local church or a missionary, here’s what it takes to get credentialed:
1.  Be in ONE ACCORD - Read and review our statement of faith and Apostles Creed here. 
2.  Select from the list below your desired Credentials, and complete your application online.  If you have any questions about the application, and/or additional documents to include, please email them to our membership division at  Complete the pre-registration assessment application online or download a hard copy for and mail or fax back to our Mission's Office at 253-536-1880. 
3.  Once your application is completed, and you have paid for your application fee online, we will begin to process your application and contact you within five business days.   
4.  If you are in need of accepting online donations and offer your donors a tax-deductible receipt.  Click Here   
  Choose your Credentialed Endorsement preference:    
2017 Intern Ministry Student 

To worship in unity among all believers in spirit and truth.. “Unity supernaturally shows the world that God sent Jesus to demonstrate His love to us.”  As a church partner and member of Ministries United, we show the world that we are united.  Registrations  To assist smaller ministries in youth camps, ministry students,