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Who We Are


    Who We Are


Ministries United International is a non-denominational Christian organization, that focuses on saving lives by leading collaborated efforts of sustainable solutions through intervention/prevention of global chronic issues plaguing the disadvantaged and oppressed.  

Ministries United has helped meet the physical, spiritual, and economic needs of people who are victims of natural disaster, poverty, homelessness, disease, famine, and war.

M.U.I encourage unity within local community churches to effectively reach and serve people in their entire area.  While developing Leadership development to serve the Church worldwide to promote healthy growth and community impact through the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  Where We Are


We work with partners around the world that are currently representing a country on the ground and can make an impact on a sizeable scale towards solutions to in local area.

Ministry United Partners know their people, know their government and know their land and culture.  Key relationships within the area improve the effectiveness of education, reduce corruption and 

  How We Work
We seek to identify opportunities to be a solutions provider that will  make the most beneficial and life-saving improvement to an individual, community and nation as a whole.  Through Literacy rate, Gross secondary income per capita, instability agriculture production, lacking clean water source/sanitation, children / population undernourished / starvation, remoteness, under five mortality rates and victims of natural disasters. We build relationships and trust with the general population and civic, country, government leaders. We develop an on the ground strategy that directly involves other partners of capacity in the public, and private sector.  We begin the direct approach of obtaining the additional resources,  necessary funding and logistically lead the coordination and mobilization of other additional skilled teams with field representatives on the ground.

We serve with partners in a commitment and goals to effectively impact women, men, and children.  In order to effectively fulfill the need on a long term basis, we build relationships and trust with the general population and civic, country, government leaders. Then begin the process of acquiring additional resources, funding, specialized teams and community engagement volunteers.

We share in the resources given to change lives. We promote opportunities for others to contribute to their social responsibility in their local community and globally.  We share our findings, solutions, and innovative ways that bring success.  And we share in praying for all those in need - great and small.

We Help Save Lives.  Improving lives on all levels is our goal.  Our strategy of seeking and identifying needs and unifying others with resources, capacity and commitment has proved to have the greatest impact.

      Our Values      
    We value living in the model of Jesus love for all people. Loving people is not an option or a just a notion and suggestion.  It needs to be an authentic level of action that requires helping and improving lives.

    We value the Good News of the Gospel and what Jesus said “Go and do likewise.”  We seek to follow Him — in His identification with the poor, the afflicted, the oppressed, His love for all people without discrimination or conditions; in His offer of new life through faith in Him.