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Thrift Store Donation Guide
  Our current pickup area.  See map below to reference your city within the Pacific Northwest Region of Washington State.  
   Donate Clothing and Shoes Today
What do we accept for Donations?

What We Gladly Accept:

Antiques ● Bedspreads and blankets ● Books ● clothing ● Cookware ● Dishes ● Framed Pictures ● Games and Toys ● Housewares ● Jewelry ● Lamps ● Office Supplies ● Radios and Stereos ● Shoes Games and Toys ● Housewares ● Jewelry ● Lamps ● Office Supplies ● Radios and Stereos ● Shoes ● Small Appliances ● Sporting Goods ● Televisions

Building Surplus and New Flooring:
● Carpet, hardwood, and tile. We ask your flooring donation be 80sqt+. 
● Fixtures (New Faucets and sinks) 

● Hand tools, power tools, and tool boxes

  What do we not accept for donations:     

Unfortunately, We Cannot Accept the Following:

Auto Parts Furniture ● Bricks, Stones or Concrete ● Broken Furniture Cabinets ● Used carpet and used Carpet Padding ● Paint and Chemicals ● Scrap Lumber ● Used Windows

   Where do you pickup?    
   Currently, our local pickup locations are in the Pacific Northwest region of Washington state.  Please reference the map to left for the listing of your city.