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  IMPACT .......We are Christians, with great compassion in living in the model of JEsus.   
     Loving is not an option or a just a notion and suggestion.  Its a level of action that requires helping and impriving lives.  Lives that are men women and children desperately in need of food, protection, healing, hope
"Love that consist of action in helping others in this world.  Helping saving lives abraod in some of the poorest countries.   
     #2 Uniters of the Church and fellow Ministries and Believer.  See assoc Min.  

See moe lcik here for the list of our programs 

  Accrediation    Ministry Accredidators and Commission Divison  
     Provide Accrediation and Licensing We are accreditors of those doing the same work. Integrity and accountabillity   
  Global Aliance
& Fellows

   Our Global Allaince Division is a large consortium of individuals focused on t  
     SEE WORLD ECO FORUM Mmebership  -----See writeup with CL (I rewrote also>??? Gramer checker

-Private and Public Corporate Commitment to Causes – Through Ministries United “Global Alliance Initiative," we share and challenge other partnering organizations in participating in being a solutions provider. Their innovation, additional resources and talent provide a fresh new approach to addressing the challenges we face as a globally focused community in saving lives. Members include prominent philanthropists, leading NGOs, churches, foundations, various CEO’s, and also local city, state, foreign government representatives.

Become a prominent member of the M.U.I Global Alliance by clicking here

     Membership - (Associates, Churches, Agencies, Individuals, )WEA  

  Leaders in Community Enagement   
     We are a Global Humanitarian christian organization that focuses on mobilzinf people and resources to make the greatest impact in saving lives.

-Local Community Engagement – We utilize our large network of connections to tap into various subgroups and populations to recruit the expertise needed.

-Resource Mobilization – We train and coordinate logistics for traveling volunteers. Along with shipping and transfer of goods and supplies to designated area in hopes of a timely arrival without interruption.

-Area Representation – Our missionaries and people actively working in the region are key in knowing the culture and provide direct communication of a region’s assessment, and needs.

   PLan of Sucession

Our President is driven on the sucesss of the  owkr nad oundaton that has been established with Ministries United.  Developers of Leaders 
     We are developers of LEaders. Spiritually, economically, and socially.    
       *See WEA link from World Relief

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Who We Are
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Who We Are
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Integral is a global alliance of 19 Christian relief and development agencies, working together to present a more effective response to poverty worldwide. Integral's goal is to see holistic transformation for more poor people, through providing collaborative opportunities for its Members in the areas of Disaster Management and Collaboration and Innovation. 

Integral Members work in 85 countries, across 30 sectors, resource more than 1100 projects and have a joint annual turnover of over US$684 million.

To watch a film about Integral Disaster Management please click here.