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Global Impact: Disaster Relief
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     - What We Do -    
    Our Global Disaster Impact    
We partner and work in suffering areas caused by some the most devastating disasters in the US and in developing countries, where poverty and lack of resources.      

Ministries United International concentrates on establishing partners of various capacity and regions to be prepared for deployment of resources and mobilize specialized teams in providing an immediate response.   

Our Strategy & Approach
We immediately begin to assess the situation to determine the most appropriate actions to take based on the area, resources, political/government control, and economics.    Through our joint communication and disaster response process, and partnering teams already on the ground - our goal is to provide assistance such as funding through proposals, technical assistance, training, mentorship,  food, clothing, blankets, shelter and emotional support.   Eligibility for assistance is not limited to one type of organization.  Depending on the situation, networks, indigenous organizations and local evangelical humanitarian organizations.  We believe in working together in a united effort ensures a better outcome when it comes to the aid of others in the US and globally.  

We bridge communities, churches, and businesses in being a solution provider and applying opportunities of volunteerism, financially funding and contributing in their social and global responsibility.   

Developing Country Network
As our partners increase so does our collaboration efficiency and efforts in other countries.  
In development are our individual Country Profiles and growing Membership Representatives web page.  We encourage professionals of capacity and professional experience to become members.    

Ways You Can Help
Please donate to our Devastated fund to enable us to continue to serve the most vulnerable.
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