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Global Health Solutions


The Global Health Arm of Ministries United International places Christian dentists, physicians, and other medical personnel in hospitals and medical facilities around the world. Along with partnering with volunteering caregivers, we collect and resource staff with critically needed medical equipment and supplies to fully equip clinics to aid these professionals service.

  → Our Focus

Our Global Health Solutions Division aims to be a local and international collaborator for Human Health Services, and other development supplies needed.  We practice principles of transformational development in 6 areas outlined:

  • Child Well-Being and Holistic Case Management
  • Emergency Relief 
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Vaccine Delivery 
  • Clean Water Projects 
  • US Disaster Response
  → Our Way Is Leading Unity To A Solution

Once we make a commitment to an area of need, we define the goals and develop strategies before allocating resources, people, and funding.  
We understand the power of united partnership in a collaborated effort towards a goal. We draw from a variety of partners (Governments, the private sector, local community groups, churches, and individuals) who align with our strategic priorities to engage with us, in a collective effort of support and mobilizing resources.  Each member is part of the solution that increases the level of capacity in achieving a goal in a high populated region.  Core initiated steps taken are: 
We connect thousands of diverse partners and individuals through our large network of interdisciplinary skilled professionals.  Creating a substantial capacity to develop task force teams, mobilize expertise; procure resources needed and join innovative ways to save lives.   

Private and Public Corporate Commitment to Causes
Through Ministries United “Global Alliance Initiative," we share and challenge other partnering organizations in participating in being a solutions provider.  Their innovation, additional resources, and talent provide a fresh new approach to addressing the challenges we face as a globally focused community in saving lives. Members include prominent philanthropists, leading NGOs, churches, foundations, various CEO’s, and local city, state, foreign government representatives.

Become a prominent member of the M.U.I Global Alliance.
Local Community Engagement
We utilize our large network of connections to tap into various subgroups and populations to recruit the expertise needed.   
Resource Mobilization
Guaranteeing goods to a targeted region is meticulously planned and followed through from the point of shipment to the point country entry.    

Area Representation
Our missionaries and people actively working in a region are key in knowing the culture and provide direct communication of a region’s assessment and needs. 
Multiple Partners Funding 
Multiple partner funding is key in creating long-term sustainable solutions.  While one grantor may provide the initial groundbreaking resources, we focus on individual financial and participation to continue the improvements and upkeep of the initial investment/solution.

Continual evaluation is used to collect, collaborative and learn so we can improve on achieving the best outcomes. We work to ensure that our partners and missionaries have the capacity and support to be most effective.

  To saves lives through intervention, prevention,  and direct resourcing.
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