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      We seek and identify opportunity to help others in Need and other least developed countries  (See list) 
Identifies of Literacy rate, Gross secondary income per captia, instabilllity agriculture production, lacking clean water source, children/poulation undernourished/starvation, remoteness, under five mortallity rate and victims of natural disasters.  

in making significant life changes within an individual, community and nation as a whole.  
To bring about the kinds of changes that will help people live healthier and more productive lives, we seek to understand the world’s inequities. Whether the challenge is low-yield crops in Africa or low graduation rates in Los Angeles, we listen and learn so we can identify pressing problems that get too little attention. Then we consider whether we can make a meaningful difference with our influence and our investments, whether it is a grant or a contract.

We develop a on the ground strategy that involves other partners of capacity in the public, private and other nonpprofit sector.  We begin the direct approach of obtaing the additonal resources and funding necessary and logistically coordinate the leadership training, and mobilizatyion of other additional skilled teams with field represenatives on the ground.

We service with a committment throughout an are and/or community to effectively impact both women, men and children.  Building realtionships and trust with general population and civic, country, governemnt leadrers longterm.      

 in order to effectivel fullfill the need on a long term basis.   tand begin the process of aquiring additonal resources including funding, mobilizes

All of our strategies—more than two dozen across the foundation—have emerged through this process of identifying what we want to accomplish for people and where we can have the greatest impact. Once we commit to an area of need, we define our major goals and identify a clear path to achieving them.

We share the resources given to help change lives, our rigorous measure approchaes and ....

We help save people.  THe ultimate goal that inspires us and to span theglobe to help improves others lives on all levels.   
When our work began in 1950, our approach was basic. We provided food and shelter for children in orphanages through child sponsorship. Over the years we've learned the complexity of finding long-term, meaningful solutions to poverty.
We work in the most difficult contexts, in some of the poorest countries. But we believe in children. And when we partner with children and families, we can help them transform their communities.
Watch this fun, animated video to learn about our community development approach - how we partner with children and families to help them break the cycle of poverty.
The Example of Jesus as we serve those who are suffering from poverty and injustice, regardless of color, belief, or gender, as part of God's plan to redeem, reconcile, and restore the world. We seek to follow Jesus by living holy, humble, and honest lives individually and corporately.
The Local Church as a primary agent of bringing peace, justice, and love to a broken world. The integrated "word" and "deed" dimensions of God's mandate, as evidenced through the church's integral, or transformational, mission are necessary to bringing reconciliation and restoration to God, others, and the environment.
People whether staff, volunteers, clients, beneficiaries, donors, and partners, as important actors in bringing peace, love, and justice. We recognize and affirm World Relief as a multicultural organization and seek to understand and respect the multiplicity of cultures among us. As we seek change in the world, we recognize that we, too, are changed, by those we serve.
Excellence/Continuous Improvement in all our program initiatives and support services, following best practices and standards in a manner that is sustainable to the community from a spiritual, social, and economic perspective. We also seek to apply our human and financial resources in such ways that maximize impact and sustain benefits to the greatest number of people.
Empowerment by prioritizing the leadership and participation of those we serve, whether people, churches, or local institutions, as critical to creating and sustaining change. We seek to catalyze a movement of worldwide volunteers to multiply impact, and we value capacity-building as a means towards that end.
Partnership by seeking, facilitating, and promoting collaboration among all stakeholders, including local governments, the worldwide church, mission agencies, other NGO's, and the business community, recognizing partnership as essential to serving the most vulnerable. We believe each expression of the worldwide Church has a unique and interdependent role in bringing peace and justice to the world.
Prayer as the priority and foundation to accomplishing our mission.
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