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As of 2021, the Ministries United Network consisted of over 400

individuals serving in their ministry calling.


Importance of valid "Credentials"

For those who have the call of God on their lives for work in ministry, credentials are the professional ministerial recognition from a verifying and authorizing organization.  Ministries United International is one of the largest licensing organizations that help support and approve ministry students, missionaries, pastors, chaplains, and Christian educators. Ministries United Intl. Credentials provide that essential “card-carrying” membership that can be presented to a Hospitals, on a resume and validate your highly regarded achievement. For many states, credentials are required to perform weddings and other ceremonial services.  Our credentials provided education verification for employers, active registration status online and accomplished real-life experience and service level in ministry.  

MUI partners (members) come from varied denominational backgrounds, but all endorse the MUI Statement of Faith, and our core values have been recommended to us by local churches, senior pastors, para-church organizations, and/or other Christian ministers.
Each MUI member has a wide range of Biblical and theological training. Many are seminary graduates; others are Bible college graduates, and some have received their training through life experience and extension education. All have demonstrated a level of theological proficiency and have been approved for membership by our credentialing Review Board.  As appropriate, some have been commissioned, licensed or ordained.

We do not believe that God always limits His call to those who have attended seminary.  Some have chosen to not go through their denomination ministerial track for various reasons. Therefore, we offer an alternative ministerial track based on a careful evaluation of the candidate’s spiritual life, Biblical and theological training knowledge, ministry experience and Biblical knowledge.

We offer membership to:
  • Senior pastors
  • Staff ministers who serve in the community or denominational settings 
  • Missionaries
  • Ministers of music who serve in the larger community and denominational churches
  • Specially licensed ministers serving in positions of pastoral care, chaplaincy and worship.
  • Ministers who serve as directors of social service ministries including feeding kitchens, drug rehabilitation centers (Teen Challenge type) and other outreach programs.
  • Members with lay ministries in prisons and hospitals
  • Members serving in local churches
  • Messianic Rabbis who serve in Messianic Jewish Congregations
  • Certified Lay pastors
  • Directors of para-church organizations such as Young Life, Youth For Christ and Youth With A Mission
  • Active Duty and Reserve Military Chaplains
  • Veteran's Affairs Chaplains
  • Prison Chaplains
  • Hospital and Hospice Chaplains
  • Evangelists

  What are the Application Requirements and Process?

1. Have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. 

2. Accept the Bible written as your guide for living.

3. Review and agree with Ministries United Statement of Faith  (Click Here)

4. Commit to a life of spiritual growth and service of helping others. 

5. Be faithfully and support Ministries United International in your annual dues and tithe.

6. Complete the application process online for your desired endorsement category.

7. Receive Approval from Ministries United Missions Committee/Board of Directors.

8. Be a Ministries United International Member in good standing.

9. Select from the list below your desired Credentials, and complete your application online.  If you have any questions about the application, and/or additional documents to include, please email them to our membership division at   

10. Once your application is completed, and you have paid for your application fee online, we will begin to process your application and contact you within 7 - 10 business days.   
  Choose your Credentialed Endorsement preference:    
Licensed - Minister/Pastor

Annual Membership Dues $195

This level is for those who have demonstrated clear evidence of a divine call, character, and preparation suitable with practical ministry experience, and an evident purpose to devote one’s life in service to the proclamation of the gospel.

Ordained - Minister/Pastor

Annual Membership Dues $220

This level is for those who show proof in their experience with a wide range of leadership responsibilities full or part-time ministries. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, have held a ministries license, and have been engaged in active work as a Senior Pastor or another church leader with biblical and theological education and training.

Commissioned Missionary

Annual Membership Dues $195

You are A Christ-following pioneer. Preparing to cross from the Churched to non-church with an intentional commitment, to a God lead agenda in order to make disciples of Jesus Christ among groups of people where none have existed before.

Certified Chaplain License  

Annual Membership Dues $220

To worship in unity among all believers in spirit and truth.. “Unity supernaturally shows the world that God sent Jesus to demonstrate His love to us.”  As a church partner and member of Ministries United, we show the world that we are united.  Registrations  To assist smaller ministries in youth camps, ministry students,

Special Ministry License

Annual Membership Dues $180

As a teacher, principal, counselor, teachers assistant, and any role as an educator with students,  we share the same desire and passion for the success of these children now and as adults. 

Christian Educators License

Annual Membership Dues $180

This level is for those who give proof of their call and commitment to Christian Education within a church, private school and/or other organization.  Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, have prior theological education and/or degree, with 1 year of hands-on biblical teaching experience. 


Associate Member

Annual Membership Dues $150

An Associate Member may be credentialed by their denomination; we honor them and their ministry God has called them too through their faithful service to Christ.