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Membership: President's Club
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President's Club Prominent Membership
  Thank you for your consideration of applying as a prominenat member of the Presidents Club for Ministries United Int.  Your invested giving allows us to take action on solid solutions in saving lives.  As a member you are also granted to the participation of our annual Global Solutions meeting.  These meetings also draw coporations into being soltuions providers thesmelves.  Thye include the oportunity for collabertion, networking and generating (inspiration).....  

Membership includes you an elite group that desires advancement of theGospel, childrem, poverty, health issues, and honoring God, and leadership succession through developing additional disciples and leaders for Christ.      

Membership Donation minumum:  $5,000

Terms of Membership: Your membership status is good for 1 year and renewable after.  

Tax Deductible:
Yes! 100% of your donations are tax deductible under "Ministries United International", a 501c non-profit registered with the Federal IRS (EIN:27-0999876).

Endorcements and recognition: Your membership will be included in out LINKEDIN members group and your will receive a private invitation to include on your profile.  

Individual Associate Member
As a registered Associate member of MInistries United International you will be directly connected to our large network of associates worldwide.  For those within our community centers you will have acces to our community meetings, breakfast breakouts, conference invites and  prayer gatherings.



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