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  Benefits of Being a
Ministries United International Member
  As a Commissioned Missionary member of Ministries United International, your membership comes with several significant benefits:


Associate,  License, and Ordained Members
Commissioned Members who apply and receive credentials with Ministries United Intl are given International ministerial recognition.  As an authorizing organization with a high standard for it members and verification process - your credentials hold a value that is worth more than the cost of membership.  Ministries United Intl. Credentials provided that essential “card-carrying” membership that are recognized by Federal, and StatevAgencies,  Hospitals and prison systems.  Ministries United Credentials are highly regarded achievement as a “stamp of approval” that recognizes those devoted to the performance of all ordinances and ceremonies of the church, in accordance with applicable federal and Washington state laws.  For many states, credentials are required to perform weddings and other ceremonial services. Our credentials provide education verification, accomplished real life experience and service level in ministry.

Military Chaplains share the same benefits with an ecclesiastical endorsement to qualifying individuals for military chaplaincy with Armed Services, Veteran's Affairs, hospitals and prison systems. 

Web page Reference and Acknowledgment
As an Associate, Licensed or Ordained commissioned member you will be listed on the Ministries United website.  For additional fee, also given the opportunity of a personnel BIO web page of your own for millions to read about your mission, vision, needs and link to your donation page.

Promote your Website for itinerating and Fundraising  
Fundraising and itinerating are an essential part of your commitment of carrying out your calling.  As an M.U.I commissioned member; increases your awareness and backing to potential donors and linking your webpage for online donations.  Giving you the unlimited possibility of raising funds even while you are overseas or busy in the ministry. 

Seal of Verified Association – For your LINKEDIN profile
As an accepted active member, you are approved to be listed in Ministries United Linkedin members group.  This is a highly regarded status, insignia, known to be only given to those who's background, education and life's work is professionally verified.  Having the Ministries United membership seal provides your accomplishment for others to reference.

The Spiritual Leadership of Ministries United International
It’s important to look for morality, integrity and the fruit of the Spirit in the life of any leader or organization you connect with. The quality of our corporate covering is a result of those who lead by the principles of solid-character, a gracious heart, and following Christ through His word, deeds, and faith.  The spiritual leaders of M.U.I want to unite with people around the world for the cause of Christ and helping those in need.    

Apart of a Large International Network
We believe in the reference “Iron-Sharpens-Iron." As a member, you will have access to being able to get connected with others who haven been active in the missions field and ministry long-term and short.  Many of our seasoned missionaries have many years of experience of the Do’s and…I wouldn’t do that again.  These men and women know firsthand what God can do through His faithful serving people and are committed to helping the succession of His work in other countries in sharing their wisdom. 

Blog and story highlights & praise reports
Everyone likes to hear good news and a good Word from an honest heart close to God.  Occasionally we will select other member publications and highlight them to draw attention to our partners to your work.  This awareness helps both in possible support and prayer covering.  

Prayer-covering from spiritual leadership 
Spiritual covering for missionaries and ministers is vital.  Carrying credentialed papers is just one part of membership. Everyone needs prayer in all seasons of their ministry.  The leadership of Ministries United knows from experience the wide variety of factors and challenges ministry life involves as a missionary or ministry leader. It takes discipline, vision, courage, training, faith, support, encouragement, and prayer for your entire family.  In addition to the everyday resources needed in fulfilling the needs of those, you are ministering too.  Prayer is essential t cover you and provide healing that only GOd's power can provide.  Be active in letting us know your prayer requests and praise reports so we can pray and also celebrate. 

“Joy of Belonging”  - A Ministry to Call Home and participate in others work
Our founder was raised in a family of Missionaries and mentored by a great man who led the way for starting Mission of Mercy.  We are a Mission Focused Ministry, in seeking, sharing, serving and saving those in this world.  You as a member, are a part of this great family that contributes in the Great Commission For Christ referred to in the book of Mathew chapter 28.  We want to help you positively-impact as many people as possible to reach them for the sake of His Kingdom and helping God’s people who are desperately in need. Offerings and the tithe help resource the needs and benefits of all of the above.  Become a member today and share God’s goodness with others likeminded.