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About Carrie Kay
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A Vision for ALL Women

My goal is to help other Women's Ministries and ladies on their journey to discovering that “Nobody Ever Cared for Them Like Jesus.”


  Carrie Kay is a woman who is "sold out" to God. Not only is Carrie deeply devoted to the Word of God and intercessory prayer, she is also an anointed soloist, worship leader and all around Women’s Ministry friend.

Wherever she shares her ministry, the response is always the same: people love Carrie because her passion for her Lord is authentic, and her heart is transparent. She carries with her the presence of the One who has changed her life and challenges people to be more like Jesus.

Carries calling and service in the ministry started in the music ministry 24 years ago in her home church, Life Center, in Tacoma, Washington. Carrie has recorded several CD’s; and traveled throughout the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. While ministering to rural congregations as well as national conventions. She has faithfully served in many areas of ministry and helping other Women’s Ministries grow.

As a cancer survivor, mother of two, grandmother…she can relate too LIFE as a Women. Her personal testimony of God’s faithful redeeming power and physical healing brings real meaning to the promises of God’s Word.

Now, as the Women-United Director for Ministries United Intl women’s division. Carrie continues with her desire to reach all Women with the Saving Knowledge of Christ's Love. Carrie has a deep calling from the Lord where women’s ministries are concerned and a personal goal to help women on their journey to discover that “Nobody Ever Cared for them like Jesus”.

  “Carrie Kay is a delightful and gifted soloist and worship leader.”
Carole Kent, Speaker/Author