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Inner City Children

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We are devoted to the success of children in all local communities. 
We believe children are the future and investing in them is the best thing we can do. We are dedicated to teaching and serving boys and girls growing up in challenging and neglected environments. We strive to advocate and minister to these children one-by-one through special programs, personal home visits, and child sponsorship.  Programs are designed to help save each child one by one. Enrich them, and teach them who they are in God’s eyes and who they can be through God’s power. Also, our Children’s Network strives to unite all children’s ministries to reach every child in their local city.   

Your contributions help support these children with the year around necessities and programs to help them and point to God as the provider.  Pointing them to God is so important because we want these kids growing up knowing that the loved they received came from their Heavenly Father.  Your generosity and faithfulness truly makes a difference today, tomorrow and in a LIFE.   
       Help Support the Needs of each Child    
    Our Children’s Network takes UNITED approach to help those with big hearts and big callings to impact their local communities for the children and families in need.   The Ministries United Children’s Network supplies the simplest resources, training and encouragement to start today. With your support and as a Body of Believers together we believe we can reach every child in each city with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.      
    The Neglected, Abandoned, and Helpless    

When referencing children, the word’s abandoned, neglected and broken are not taken lightly.    But unfortunately that is the case with some children in the US.  To some of these children, they are just not wanted.  Many times they were unplanned and a mistake, and from day one of being born - they are treated this way.  The solution is more than “a” meal, it’s more than “a” hug, it more than a ride to a theme park or Sunday school….the solution is faithfulness in all the above with a direct Christ-like advocacy approach. Which requires working with the parent, school and other community involved agencies.  It requires loving each one diligently throughout their life in all aspects of need: physically, spiritually, and mentally.  While faithfully raising them up to the loving ways of the Lord.  Your support helps these beautiful faces that God made.      
     Support Inner-City Outreach     
    See a need – fill a need.  That’s the purpose of our inner-city ministry.  City by City we are praying to plant several centers with the purpose of uniting churches, seek the lost children, serve them and their families, share with them our love and God’s love for them and be the light to share the opportunity of salvation for the child and family.  Inner-city work takes time, trust, finances and faithfulness in doing.  We pray you will partner with us in the opportunity in reaching, teaching and raise “generations” to live for God wholeheartedly