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For many women, the military lifestyle can be very demanding.  Frequent moves, war-time tension and anxiety, living far from family, and juggling multiple household roles can really take a toll on our physical and mental well-being. As military wives, we’re often the cornerstones of support and strength for our husbands. We provide the continuity for our homes and families. But, it’s important to recognize that we need support too.

Our civilian friends and extended family members love us and want to support us but, often times, they just can’t relate. This is why it is important to seek out groups that can provide you the opportunity to share common experiences, give and receive emotional support, and learn about new resources. There is comfort in cohesion. Don’t isolate yourself. The more connected you are, the easier life will be for you. Seek out and befriend other military wives in your community. These women understand the trials and tribulations associated with our lifestyle.

I highly encourage you to get involved with your local unit and/or spouse support groups! Not only are they a great place to make friends and have fun, they also act as safety net in the event of an emergency. You can call them for help when unforeseen problems or crises arise ( ie: car repairs, medical issues, death, etc.) Moreover, these groups act as a network of communication from the chain of command to family members. When your husband is on TDY or deployed, your unit support group is often the sole link to current information regarding his status and whereabouts.






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