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Membership: Christian Educator
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Christian Educators and Administrators
Accreditation Membership 
The purpose of the Christian Educators and Administrators Accreditation Program with Ministries United International is to identify those professionals who follow the values of Christian education and possess a caliber desired by Christian schools and many Christian parents.  

Achievement of M.U.I annual accreditation status represents a standard of excellence that is recognized by other institutions and the constituency of the local community.   Our accreditation requirements identify educational and spiritual criteria that establish high expectations for Christian educators. Parents seek accredited Educators and Administrators because they believe such faculty and leaders offer a higher quality program.   Including a more relational interest and investment in their students education and spiritual formation. Ministries United Intl. Accreditation meets or exceeds the minimum standards for accrediting associations, such as, the Regional Associations, OPSAC, TEPSAC and NCPSA.  Likewise, business and higher education value the standard of excellence established by accredited teachers in the strong values that guide them in teaching and raising of students.

As a member, you will be recognized as Christian educator dedicated to providing a Christ-centered education and endorsed by one the largest growing Associations.  By joining our educational association, you will be connected to resources and peers internationally, who can help you with challenges, special needs and cultures they can relate too.

*Price for membership is set low.  We  believe you are on the for front in making a significant impact in the lives of future leaders for Christ.  Your membership will also include listing in our 2015 directory.   You may also use our seal as being a verified member to share in your network and reference for future employers.  

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