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  Existing and Seasoned Missionaries    
Are you a seasoned Missionary?   We strongly believe “Iron sharpens Iron."  And you have the experience that many of our new students and missionaries need to hear-from.  We ask that you become a Ministries United Missionary member and join with us in encouraging and helping those called to serve God's people.  Reading your biography short or long as a missionary, will help our students and  candidates learn about your life on the field. Knowing what men and women have gone through as a missionary in a particular country or region, gives encouragement to new missionaries when they are preparing for service. Your trials, faith and fruit through God's goodness is continually-shared for the next generation of missionaries.  Before they go, they get a sense of what it's like.  And we know referred stories will be brought to mind when the missionary has their faith tested on the field.
Not retired yet! 
It is one thing to read about a country and know all the facts; it's another very different thing to interact with people and get a burden for their need for Christ.  Fellowship and Counsel with a likeminded individual helps missionary candidates get to know other missionaries who are working in the same country.  It gives them a prospective missionary a chance to build relationships with people who understand what they will experience in a particular area. Seasoned veteran missionaries are carefully selected and called to give council and encouragement through our various venues of social communication and one-on-one meetings and conferences.  Your years of experience and stories could help shape a life into changing another generation of people for God's Kingdom.