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Dear Ladies To Be Honored Table Hostess,

Ladies To Be Honored Table Hostesses are the driving force behind the success of this event. Think about the last time you ate dinner at a sit-down restaurant. Remember the person who greeted you at the door, chatted with you about the weather and then took you to your table? That person would be you in befriending these wonderful ladies that are helping serve our country and their husbands in the Armed Forces.  By taking the lead as a Table Hostess, you are also helping to raise funds and promote awareness for the Ladies To Be Honored Event.  This event is no other typical pampering event.  We are truly “giving” back more ways than one to each one of these ladies.  Prior to the event we are asking that you help promote sponsorship for your table.  Your table attendance will consist of 2 Hostesses and 8 Guests.  The total cost for each guest is $40.00 to help cover childcare, surprise gifts, a spending voucher and other various free giveaways.    

The total cost to cover one table is $320.00

In your Hostess packet, are sponsorship forms, event flyers, and envelopes to mail back weekly what sponsorship monies you have collected for your registered table.  Our accounting department will track and credit those funds collected to your table.   Please remind your sponsors that all donations are tax deductible.  

Time is short!  The day of the event is approaching quickly on October 18th, so please help us bring the awareness and share among your friends and on your facebook if you have one.  The Women United Division of Ministries United heads this event up.  Click the green link below to volunteer today.  

Your direct contact person is:
Peggy Gray 
253-273-7575 (cell) 

Interested in being a table host to make this a great night for these great ladies? Signup today by clicking on the green link above. We will send out your info packet along with your sponsor’s forms.  Please allow 3-4 business days for delivery.  

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