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What Makes Us Distinct.......

Ministries United Network consist of incredible partnering churches, faith based humanitarian organizations and individual believers united in love for our Lord, love for one another and love to reach others in their city and local community for Christ. With our global mission, we also value in being relational by establishing individual city gatherings to connect people in outreach opportunities and support the local church.  Ministry United Network provides several opportunities for you, your ministry and church to reach an entire community together.








  We are seekers, seeking God’s direction and God’s leading in those cities chosen, to reveal and give us the opportunity to serve.  We seek for those that need to be served and helped. We seek God’s wisdom and love as an organization, growing daily in our own individual relationship with God and Lord, that equips us even more to give back to those He loves……one another.      



    We are servants. We enjoy serving others without the expectation of a return,  to model Christ’s love in ways that are compelled by His love.  Serving in ways that bring peace, unity and a sense of hope to others that have no hope.  We serve through various deeds of kindness, gifts of food, clothing, and advocacy for the children that can't help themselves.  We serve in sharing our time to just listen when a heart has been broken.      


→ SUPPORTING - Local Ministries & Churches 

      We want to support healthy local churches and ministries desiring to reach their men, women and children in their community. We are “not” in a mission of becoming the largest church, we are on a mission to support other ministries/churches that honor Christ and serve His people, while reaching and connecting individual people and families that have not been exposed to the gospel. We desire to support ministries through additional volunteers, training, healthy ministry exposure, grass root ministry training and supplies. In addition to building and developing Christ followers.      



      We mobilize the various God given gifts, talents and resources shared with our partners in each community to effectively impact their local cities, while sharing the Gospel at every opportunity to help others know where their true source of Hope comes from and begin a life of freedom through God's Son Jesus, God's Spirit and God personally who is our Heavenly Father.