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    Who Is Jesus      
  Jesus is God's Son      


Jesus was sent on a love Mission from God to Save “YOU”.
  • Jesus’ mission required him to die.    Why? Because it was God’s plan!
  • The God, who created Jesus and created you, wanted you to have a way to Heaven.
  • Not just heaven but to have a relationship forever with you!
  • Yes...the almighty, all-powerful, all-knowing God is your Heavenly Father. 
  • Jesus is the one who made it possible so we can talk to God openly.  Every Easter we celebrate that role, that sacrifice and that willingness to die so we can all be united and reconciled to our Heavenly Father.  In modern times we would call that a hero, in the Bible Jesus is our savior.
  • This plan took Love, a lot of Love.  It took the love of the Father (God) to allow His Son to be put to death and the Love of the Son (Jesus) to teach and model real love through enduring agony beyond comprehension. 
  • The love of God and the love of Jesus made it possible so that you can receive and know their love. Right now!


   His Gift For You       
Jesus is your Savior!  He is your way to God; He is your friend, He is waiting for you to accept God's gift of love.  

Let me say that one more time and emphasize.....Jesus is your friend.  He's waiting to hear from you right now to give you a gift.

How to accept this gift?

Ask Him!  Say this prayer:
"Jesus come into my life.  Forgive me of any wrongdoing.  Help me live a life that is right and true.  Show me and teach me your love, grace, and mercy.  I believe in you.  Give me the wisdom to know what to do next.“

Now Believe In Him and that prayer.  Don’t doubt it!  You came across this website not by accident, but for a reason.

  • You are not alone in this world and the God that created you is real and wants to guide you the rest of your days. 

  • The second reason is to get you on the right path.  That will take you to get to know God’s love more.  Find a Bible, preferably NIV Version, New Living version or Amplified version. These versions of the Bible will help interpret the scriptures in a more modern day language for you understand.  Read scripture every day.  Pray that God will help you understand it.  Follow the Truth N Love section to help guide you in the beginning.  

  • We want to pray for you!  Click the "Prayer Request" link above in the menu bar.

  • Or Post a question or prayer within our support group on the Youth United Facebook Page:

Be encouraged Today!  Talk to the Lord like a friend