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  For Teens      
  Youth United Intl is a LIFE giver – that allows youth to find meaning, clarity, hope and ….a real love through God’s eyes.  Youth Ministries are encouraged to join in this union of on fire for Jesus students, learning and living with an attitude of no Shame in Jesus name.  Our events are free, fun, and full of friendships looking to grow more in what God has created them for.     

   Our Mission      
  Youth United is a ministry of Ministries United that desires to collaborate ages 12-25 and not limiting to one geographic to reach this demographic of potential world changers.  We strive to reach youth with the loving truth of the Gospel and connect with a thriving “relational” Youth Ministry that believes in the full power of the gospel.     
    For All Youth Groups        
  Youth United consists of pastors, worship leaders, musicians, teachers, loving parents – that believe the kingdom can be advanced through the power of authentic worship, prayer, and the Holy Spirit. We are committed to rescue, encourage and help each youth find their way through Christ each and everyday.