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Women United
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A Vision For ALL Women

My goal is to help these ladies on their journey to discovering that “Nobody Ever Cared for Them Like Jesus.” 
Military Ladies Events
Ladies To Be Honored events are to bless and meet a need of women who serve our country either in uniform, as a veteran or as a military wife.  The “Ladies to be Honored” event focuses on bringing together our Military Ladies and their children for a fun time of great fellowship, one-on-one encouragement, fun pampering and an opportunity to develop new friends.

Women’s United Fellowship Network
Our hope is for every woman to find a place of love and acceptance that will result in deeper friendships. Friendships that will encourage and support one another– to talk, laugh, cry, and ........(more)
Going Deeper in God’s Word
We invite you to join in a journey of transformation, building strong community with each other as you pursue to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ through friendships, activities and Bible study.
United Hearts in Worship for God
To worship in unity among all believers in spirit and truth.. “Unity supernaturally shows the world that God sent Jesus to demonstrate His love to us”